Letters of Recommendation

InterContinental Hotels Group
Thank you for the opportunity to extend recommendation for Navneet Ghoman. We became acquainted through the renovation and conversion of her family's Crowne Plaza in Allentown Pennsylvania. Navneet was the principle project designer and manager for this job and acted as a liaison to InterContinental Hotel's Crowne Plaza division. Our property improvement department produced an extensive renovation plan and Ms.Ghoman worked very closely with this department and all of the vendors that were involved in the renovation process. Her "most excellent" efforts are apparent throughout the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Ms.Ghoman was a very effective negotiator and exhibited an understanding of the entire project scope. She was able to balance the Crowne Plaza Hotel company expectations with the owner's budget and constraints of the actual hotel construction. This is no small feat for a project manager in our industry. Please extend every consideration toward the admittance of Ms.Navneet Ghoman to your fine organization at the Cornell Hotel School. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this correspondence with me I am here in Atlanta. My number is 770-604-2417.
Joe Dan Draffen
Senior Designer with Product
and Design Review
Property Improvement Department
InterContinental Hotels Group

KOJO Worldwide
I am writing this letter to highly recommend Navneet Ghoman for admission to Cornell University. I am over confident that she would excel in your institution and would be a true asset to your university. She is an extremely intelligent individual; in addition she exudes professionalism and expertise in all of her dealings. My introduction and interaction with Navneet have been in a professional realm. Her father owns and operates a hotel that underwent a full renovation to convert to a new hotel brand. He opted to utilize the resources he had at hand versus hiring a designer, architect, purchasing agent and management company. Unbeknownst to her, Navneet fulfilled the role of all of these positions and more. In my dealings to complete a job of this magnitude, an owner will source out and hire outside agents to fill each of these roles. Completely relying on Navneet, she was left in a position to sink or swim. Candidly, I am in awe of Navneet and amazed that she was able to handle all of these roles. Navneet successfully completed the renovation, saving her father upwards of $300,000 in salaries and retainers he did not have to pay out, due to the fact Navneet was able to fill and excel in all of these roles. She would be an asset to any company and has already proven herself to be more than capable of numerous positions within the hospitality industry. I myself, would be honored to have such an eager, curious individual working for my company and would gladly extend Navneet a job upon completion of her schooling. In conclusion, I highly recommend Navneet for admittance to Cornell and am confident she will succeed and exceed any standards set for her.
Thank You,
Jennifer Williams
National Sales Manager
KOJO Worldwide

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Navneet Ghoman. I have worked with Navneet professionally since early 2003 during the conversion of the Clarion Allentown, PA to a Crowne Plaza. She specified all of the products to be used throughout the guestrooms and common areas of the hotel. In addition, she negotiated all of the pricing with my company, Allegiant. Navneet worked extensively with InterContinental Hotels to have the project approved by submitting specifications for all products used in the hotel. Furthermore, she handled order expediting and installation coordination. This is quite a feat since a professional designer or procurement firm usually handles this process. She is quite a tenacious negotiator, yet has always exhibited the highest level of tact, courtesy and professionalism. It has been a pleasure to work with Navneet, and I feel confident that she would make a great asset to your student body.
S.Brent Lynch
VP of Marketing

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