Navneet Ghoman, President & CEO
Navneet Ghoman renovated a 225 room Clarion Hotel for successful conversion to a Crown Plaza Hotel, served as project manager, designer, purchaser, and general contractor, completed project on time and well under budget with full approval from design committee at Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG). After receiving competing bids in the $3-6M range, completed entire project meeting Crowne Plaza specifications/standards with a $1M budget, negotiated $2-5M in total project costs. Navneet Ghoman is a graduate of Cornell University School of Hotel Administration.

Letters of Recommendation

Joe Ghoman, Managing Director

Mr.Ghoman began his career as a track & field athlete (400 meter hurdles), eventually competing in the 1976 Olympic Games; subsequently embarking on an entrepreneurial path which led to the hospitality business - Mr.Ghoman is an industry veteran with over 20 years of experience, displaying both a strong track record and proven leadership.

Mr.Ghoman is currently the President and CEO of the following companies:

Ghoman, LLC - Acquires underperforming hospitality assets (upscale segment) in the NorthEast corridor, implements a re-positioning and/or re-branding strategy to improve both operating performance and asset value, with a maximum holding time of 5-7 years.

Ghoman Development, Ltd. - Residential land development for estate communities and home construction in high growth global markets.

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